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Written Episode Updates

Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 22 By Aahana

Do dil bandhe ek dori se part 22Hi everyone. Hope everyone liked 21st part.please comment or else how will i know whether u all are liking it or not. It can be positive and negative but please comment. And haa as i said about Adi’s love i will present his story in todays part. And …

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Kaira : Perfectly Imperfect by Vrushy ( Chapter 4)

Hello Everyone.Chapter 4The intense meet. Naira smiled widely zipping up the small luggage. She was giddy with excitement. Having tricked her father into signing the memo form to the dance programme was an easy task than she thought. She sneaked right into his study when he seemed too busy signing documents. Putting down his evening …

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The story of the ishqbaaz brothers – Part 6 by Nidhi

Hey all!!!! Back with other episode but frankly speaking I was not happy with the response last time as I had only some comments but please all of you comment this time. OM:Om’s room:( Shanaya is present in om’s room to learn how to make a statue)Om: Hey shanaya! Accha hai ki tum jaldi aagayi!Chalo …

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HI guyz….i am here with the next episode…..i am sorry if i am late but actually as i told i am having my exams….guys now this ff is mine i mean di will not write it as she will get busy and just now she is in her 7th month……and to clear the confusion i …

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Love changes life (part 6)

[1/18, 12:16 PM] neha: Love changes life(chapter 6) Mrng sun’s 1st ray fall on swara disturbing her beauty sleep. She woke up nd rememberd sterdays incident. Swara to herself-i wil never forgive u sm i wil never c ur face.😡😡😡 swara kisi sm ko ni janti(she got ready)A-princess got ready (saw her she was wearing …

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Ishqbaazi ff by Rena (Part-4)

Hi i am rena agian witha another episodeThankyou all for your comments and rohan is varun toorkeyAnika and rohan are always seen together shivaay is angry and anika always ignores him Dining tableEveryone are presentAnika camePinky:anika you don’t want to serve food for us dont know weather there is poison in thaghRohan sees this and …

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Star cross love abhigya (episode 30) last part

Here goes the last shotSomeone was descending the stairs that persons face is revealed its a small girl wearing a white frock with a tiara on her head she was looking like an angel she came running towards abhigya she hugged abhi saying papa abhi took her in his arms n kissed her forehead ur …

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RagLak- Aliens at my house (chapter 4)

Thank you everyone my dears for comments and yes, I already said this is inspired from japan anime daa daa daa. Thanks for liking this ff.. Chapter starts.. Ragini shocks looking chotu who is flying in air. Suddenly a chain near Adarsh blinks with a sound. “What..?? This terratrial object detector is blinking…!!” Thinks Adarsh …

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love : beautiful or dangerous (epi 16)

Hii frends this is diksha back with the next epi of ff called “love : beautiful or dangerous”.hope you all gonna like it. Thanx for your support, appreciation and comments. Let’s start the epi. Next daySanskar woke up and get ready after having bath he has worn white deep neck tee with light brown denim …

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Ragini+Omkara FF – U are the one for me CH–6

PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5 CH—6Scene starts with Om & Sanaya reaching a park infront of Sanjeevani.Om- Sanaya, where is ur friend.Sanaya- Dont worry Om she might be on the way. I will call her.Sanaya calls Ragini.Sanaya- Yes Raggu were are you.Om hearing Ragu thinks… Ragu… What name is this.Ragini- Sanaya i will be …

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