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Edhi’s philosophy to be disseminated across Pakistan: Tehmina Durrani


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The Tehmina Durrani Foundation (TDF) has announced their decision to disseminate the philosophy of the great social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi in order to help move Pakistan towards a welfare state.

Noted writer, activist and chairperson of TDF, Tehmina Durrani told media persons here on Tuesday that a movement has been launched by TDF to make Pakistan a welfare state. Durrani said that poor people do not have money to buy medicine for themselves and that the problems of the masses cannot be solved until bureaucrats come leave their GOR residences without any protocol staff.

“The institutions of the country would be improved only after the due process of accountability and ultimately, Pakistan will become a welfare state,” she said.

According to Durrani, everyone talks about the Panama Leaks but no one talks about the patients who die in hospitals without medicine. “Shahbaz Sharif does not have any connection with the London flats and he will be with us in making Pakistan a welfare state. He well knows that our destination is welfare state only,” Durrani added.

Talking to media persons, she said that voters should not vote for political parties until all of them raise the slogan of welfare.

“I have come out firmly holding the flag of Edhi, who still lives in the heart of millions even after his death, with a mission and a vision,” Durrani said.

She added that the Tehmina Durrani Foundation Teaching Institute has been formed, which will disseminate Edhi’s philosophy all over the country.


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