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Fast & Furious 8 trailer review: Vin Diesel turns against the family in this underwhelming trailer


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The Fast and the Furious, when released back in 2001 starring Vin Diesel and late Paul Walker was the surprise hit of the year. Since then it has spawned six sequels, with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker appearing in all but one film each. Since then Fast and Furious franchise has been synonymous with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. And after the untimely demise of Paul Walker, this will be the first time the ‘Family’ is returning sans him. Since the blockbuster success of Furious 7 globally, fans were really eager to know what’s next for the crew. Turns out, they return but the magic ain’t the same. Being a big fan of the franchise on a whole, the trailer was quite underwhelming for me. I had huge expectations from the trailer but apart from a scene or two, there was nothing new I found in the trailer. The film stars, Vin Diesel, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Tyries Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Michelle Rodriguez, Nathalie Emmanueal and Jason Statham with Kurt Russel. Joining the cast for the first time are Oscar Winner Charlize Theron, Oscar Winner Helen Mirren and Scott Eastwood. The film is titled The Fate of the Furious.

What’s hot

The initial scene in the trailer, when after, what seems a successful robbery Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto out of the blue smashes his car into Dwayne Johnsons’s Luke Hobbs’ and with that the tone of the trailer is set. That comes as a surprise for many. Trust Fast & Furious franchise to bring in the out of this world action, almost every time. They take it a notch higher. There are many jaw dropping moments in the trailer, be it the huge ass wrecking ball scene in the beginning of the trailer or when Hobbs and Jason Statham’s Shaw go head to head in the prison with Hobbs saying “I Am Going To Beat You Like a Cherokee Drum!” or the time when the team tries to stop Dom by attaching steel plated ropes to his ride. And the biggest of them all, the massive subamarine smashing up through ice in the middle of a chase in Iceland. Apart fromt the action scenes it’s Tyrese Gibson’s Roman Pierce that stands out.


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What’s not

One thing that stood out in the previous part and was instrumental in making the film a billion dollar success was the emotional connect it had with the general audience. This trailer lacked that. We know for the fact that if Dom is going rogue, there has to be a reason behind it and will return to his family towards climax of the film. Because you never turn against the family. Unless, makers are brave enough let go its lead star Vin Diesel, which is highly unlikely as you have already lost one half of the face value of the film in Paul Walker and won’t wanna lose another. Jason Statham was a big baddie in the previous part and the fact that he hates the guts of the crew is world known. How can he agree to work with the team or vice versa, considering they have lost their loved one courtesy each other. Also read: Baywatch trailer: Bikinis, beach and boys and 1 second of Priyanka Chopra

Overall, the trailer has nothing new to offer apart from a few action scenes, it has same old expressions from Vin Diesel, him getting an upper hand on Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs since Fast Five. Tyrese Gibson chuckling you up every time. Overall, the trailer was bland.

Check out the trailer:


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