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Verizon is ditching “unlimited” data customers who use 200GB or more a month

If you are one of the few who still have grandfathered “unlimited” data plans with Verizon Wireless, you might want to take a quick glance at just how much data you are actually using. A new report says that Verizon is now telling its remaining unlimited customers they must move to another plan if they exceed 200GB of data or more per month.

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According to Droid Life, Verizon told its employees on the new upper limit for its “unlimited” customers late last week. As you might expect, this change will only affect a very small number of the carrier’s customers, but it’s likely those few are also eating up a ton of broadband network use that could be made available for others. The “over 200GB” data users are being told to move to a new, non-unlimited plan by Feb. 16. It’s more than possible that customers that don’t make this move could be cut off from Verizon’s network completely.

While having limits on so-called “unlimited” data plans would seem to be highly contradictory, it’s also likely that the few customers that reach or exceed 200GB or more date per month could be using it for their home Internet service rather than just for their smartphones and tablets.

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